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Matte Art Prints

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Pigment ink is super-fine solid particles of colour suspended in a binder liquid, this ink is used in our fine art print process.

Dye ink is a liquid colour that we use for our production art paper prints. Dye ink soaks into the surface of the paper, where pigment sits predominantly on top. This makes the dye ink process more suitable for prints that will be handled, they are less delicate than pigment prints.

The dye ink print process has a smaller colour gamut than the pigment process, but it is slightly larger than our traditional wet process prints, it is the ideal choice if you wish to sell small loose art paper prints, or matte art paper albums.

Our machinery is carefully monitored and ICC profiled to meet international standards.

These prints are quite sturdy, but still requires careful handling. Scuffing can be an issue especially with dark images. Any matte material can scratch and scuff easily and it's important to be realistic about products.